American Express® Green Card

American Express® Green Card
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Card Features

Fraud Protection
Roadside Assistance
Travel Assistance
Extended Warranty
Return Protection
Cellphone Coverage
Apple Pay
Android Pay
Event Ticket Pre-Sale Access

The Welcome Offer

  • This card does not have a welcome offer ­čÖü

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Pros & Cons

  Comparatively low annual fee
  No pre-set spending limit

  Only one bonus category

  Few perks compared to the Premier Rewards Gold Card

  Balance is due every month

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Annual Fee
$0 the first year, $95 after that
Foreign Transaction Fees

Recommended Credit

Exceptional Review

Written by Amy 2 years ago

Best For...
Entry-level card for earning Membership Rewards points, but American Express has several other cards worth considering over the Green Card.

Review of the American Express® Green Card

This classic American Express┬« Green Card offers convenience in booking travel, and all the standard Amex benefits for travel, shopping, and entertainment. As a charge card, you will have to pay your balance every month, which is a good way to keep your spending in check, but not a great way to make big purchases that you may want to pay for over time.┬á And, if youÔÇÖre not making big purchases on the card, at an earnings rate of 2X for purchases and 1X for all other purchases it will take a long time to accumulate Membership Rewards┬«, especially since Amex is not currently offering a sign-up bonus with this card.┬á Still, if youÔÇÖre looking for the standard American Express travel, shopping, and entertainment benefits, this is a solid charge card with a relatively low annual fee.

The Bottom Line
Because only purchases on will earn you multiplied points, if youÔÇÖre looking for more Membership Rewards┬«, the Premier Rewards Gold card would be a better option.

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