Blue Sky from American Express®

Blue Sky from American Express®
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Fraud Protection
Roadside Assistance
Travel Assistance
Travel Accident Insurance
Extended Warranty
Return Protection
Car Rental Coverage
Cellphone Coverage
Apple Pay
Android Pay
Event Ticket Pre-Sale Access

The Welcome Offer

  • This card does not have a welcome offer ­čÖü

Get These Perks

  •   Every 7,500 points earned can be redeemed for a $100 statement credit towards travel purchases.
  •   Pay no annual fee on this card
  •   Terms apply; view rates and fees

Pros & Cons

  Points are worth ~1.3 cents/point, which is 0.3 better than your average 1% back
  Travel savings without an annual fee

  No 0% intro APR period

  Points can only be redeemed in 7,500 increments

What You'll PayMore fee details 

Annual Fee
No annual fee
Foreign Transaction Fees

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Written by Dan 2 years ago

Best For...
Super simple way to earn travel rewards in the form of statement credits with no yearly fee...but consider other travel rewards credit cards first!

Review of the Blue Sky from American Express®
As part of the Blue family of cards from American Express, the Blue Sky from American Express® would appear to be a great way to earn travel rewards without paying an annual fee. The first half of that equation is this card's simplicity: earn 1 point for every eligible purchase, no matter what the category. The second half of what makes this card attractive is that the points you earn ÔÇö Blue Sky┬« Points ÔÇö can be redeemed at a rate of 7,500 points per $100, but here's the catch: that's a $100 statement credit, and it only goes toward travel purchases. That's all well and good if you're planning a vacation, but we think it would also be nice to apply the statement credit to other purchases as well.The other catch with Blue Sky┬« Points is that they can only be redeemed in 7,500 increments, so if your points balance is 7,000, you're out of luck until you spend another $500 on the card. That's not the end of the world by any stretch, but most other points currencies have a redemption minimum of 1,000 points or even less, and that flexibility is nice.

The Bottom Line
If you don't want to mess around with bonus categories and/or yearly fees while earning travel rewards, then this card could be for you, but there are better ways to earn travel rewards out there.

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