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AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard
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  No annual fee
  25% inflight savings
  Unlimited miles

  Low rewards earning rate

  Few travel perks

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$0 the first year, $10 after that
Foreign Transaction Fees

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CreditCardRewards.com Review

Written by Amy 2 years ago

Best For...
Within the AAdvantage Aviator card series, this no frills card carries the lowest rewards earnings rate and the fewest perks.

Review of the AAdvantage Aviator MasterCard

This version of the AAdvantage Aviator card series has a very low rewards earning rate: just 1X AAdvantage® miles for American Airlines purchases and 0.5X miles on everything else.  The one upshot? There is no annual fee.

The Bottom Line
With its low reward earning rate and no sign up bonus, it will take a long time to earn miles with this card. Upgrading to a newer version of the card such as AAdvantage Aviator Red World Elite MasterCard carries a $95 annual fee, but is well worth the increased rewards and benefits.

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A total scam

I originally got the Aviator Advantage Mastercard (sponsored by Barclays) through American Airlines because I fly fairly often and wanted to take advantage of the airline miles. I always paid my bills in full and on time. Whenever I tried to make purchases of several hundred dollars or more, they would freeze my card due to suspicions of fraduluent activity. Every time, I called to unfreeze my card. I understand the need for security, but this was too much. Finally, after trying to purchase flights for my wife and I and it taking over 3 hours and 5-6 phone calls due to issues with their website, I decided to close my account. I received a final bill with an extra $95 tacked onto it, the annual fee. I called and spoke with a representative named Josh on April 24th. I asserted that it was not fait that I should not have to pay the annual fee, since I would no longer be using the card and had had such difficulty with it. He confirmed that I would be refunded the $95 and that a credit would post to my online account after a few days (it never did). He told me to call back on May 7th to follow up. I did and spoke with a woman named Meesha who was very helpful and understanding. She could not find any notes left by Josh, so obviously he lied. She confirmed that she would submit a request for the $95 to be refunded, said it should take 5-7 business days to process, and another 2-3 business days for the check to be sent. Let's see if I actually get the check.

2 years ago




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