Uber Visa Card

Uber Visa Card
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Bonus Categories

All Categories
Streaming Subscriptions
Uber Rides
Online Shopping

Card Features

Fraud Protection
No Foreign Transaction Fee
Cellphone Coverage
Apple Pay
Android Pay
Event Ticket Pre-Sale Access

The Sign-Up Bonus

  •  Earn 100 cash when you spend $500 on eligible purchases in the first 3 months
  •  Earn 50 Cash Back when you spend at least $5,000 on purchases per year, applicable to online subscription services.

Get These Perks

  •   Pay no annual fee on this card

Pros & Cons

  Great selection of bonus categories
  No annual fee
  No foreign transaction fees

  Limited perks

  Minimal "offline" cash back categories

What You'll PayMore fee details 

Annual Fee
No annual fee
Foreign Transaction Fees

Recommended Credit

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CreditCardRewards.com Review

Written by Amy 2 years ago

Best For...
You dine out, do happy hour with coworkers, take Uber everywhere, order delivery on Caviar, listen to Spotify, ditched cable for Netflix, and travel a lot, and when you do you choose Airbnb over Hyatt... Sound like you? Then look no further: this is the cash back card for you!

Review of the Uber Visa Card

The Uber Visa Card is a fantastic cash back card for frequent Uber riders, online shoppers, music and video streamers, restaurant afficianados, and travelers. If any or all of these activities apply to you, this is one of the best cards around to keep in your wallet. The rewards rates in Uber's bonus categories rival some of the best cash back and travel rewards cards and yet with the Uber card, you'll pay no annual fee. 

The Bottom Line
No annual fee and high rewards make this a must-have card if you do a lot of Uber riding, online shopping, eating out (or delivery with UberEats), and/or traveling.

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Perks & Features

The go to card

This card is really great for those who love to eat out and travel occasionally. I can't expense my work travel with our system which sucks, but this is my go to when I do.

3 years ago




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Q:  Why does it take days for it to be approved
asked 3 years ago

A:  There are may be several reasons why a credit card application isn’t approved instantly. Typically it’s because the application needs further review, or incomplete or inaccurate information was supplied on the application. In 7-10 days (usually), you should hear back from the credit card issuer about the decision via phone, email, or post. You can always call the credit card issuer to request the status of your application. Once approved you should receive your card in a week, sometimes longer.
answered by CCR Expert 3 years ago

Q:  Average credit score for approval
asked 2 years ago

A:  Credit scores in the "good" and "excellent" ranges are most likely to be approved for this card.
answered by CCR Expert 2 years ago