Credit Cards vs. Debit Cards
Updated 2 years ago by Amy

Both credit cards and debit cards offer the convenience of making purchases online or in person without carrying around wads of cash. However, there are significant differences in these cards, making your decision about which to use an important one.   Credit Cards Credit cards allow you to borrow funds and pay back the balance… continue reading

How to Start Building Your Credit From Scratch
Updated 1 year ago by Amy

It’s Never Too Late to Start! Building your credit from scratch presents a chicken-and-egg problem. It can be hard to build your credit history if no one will give you credit and itā€™s hard to get credit without a credit history. We suggest 7 different ways you can break this cycle and start building your… continue reading

Delta One First Class Review, MD-88
Updated 1 year ago by Dan

Good-enough refresh of dated jets As a continuation of my previous Delta 767-300 business class review, this short hop on an MD-88 took me from ATL to MIA in comfort, though Iā€™m not sure about the style. Since this was the second leg of first class award ticket I booked, I credit my butt being… continue reading

Are Credit Card Rewards Considered Kickbacks?
Updated 2 years ago by Dan

Should employees feel guilty at all? Those of us credit card rewards aficionados who travel for our employers and are allowed to book travel with our own credit cards will know what we’re talking about. Here’s an example: you’ve got to fly to Dubai for work and Emirates has great business class fares. But —… continue reading

British Airways 747-400 Business Class Review [Upper Deck]
Updated 1 year ago by Dan

Love to Hate or Hate to Love, British Airways Business Class Gets the Job Done. When asked what my impressions are of British Airways First Class, I usually respond with “it’s basically aĀ really good business class.” That may be harsh, but compare it to something like Lufthansa A380 First Class, and you’ll immediately see what… continue reading

Buy Your Alaska Airlines ā€˜Premium Classā€™ Seats Starting Today
Updated 3 years ago by Dan

Over 14,000 inches of extra legroom coming to the Alaska Airlines fleet! Perhaps in a move to keep up with larger rivals like Delta, Alaska announced earlier this year a premium economy product to be retrofitted on all of their aircraft. Well, that day has come, and you can now book these upgraded seats or… continue reading

United Airlines Global Services ā€“ 2014 Welcome Kit Unboxed!
Updated 2 years ago by Dan

What is Global Services? If you donā€™t know, you should: itā€™s awesome (see thisĀ WSJ articleĀ and a hefty flyertalk thread from last year). However you earn it, itā€™s worth it ā€” $50k Pass Plus membership, high-level of spend on premium flights (weā€™re talking usually $40k+ on Y+ fares), corporate contract deal, or whatever, if you live… continue reading