Chase Private Client Sapphire Preferred Card

Chase Private Client Sapphire Preferred Card
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Card Features

Fraud Protection
No Foreign Transaction Fee
Concierge Service
Lost Luggage Coverage
Travel Accident Insurance
Car Rental Coverage
Apple Pay
Android Pay

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  •   Pay no annual fee on this card

Pros & Cons

  Concierge Banking
  JP Morgan Client Advisor
  Chase Private Client Arts & Culture Program

  No rewards

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Annual Fee
No annual fee
Foreign Transaction Fees

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Written by Amy 2 years ago

Best For...
This elite card offers a personalized banking experience and banking benefits available only to Chase Private Clients.

Review of the Chase Private Client Sapphire Preferred Card

In general, you have to be a Chase Private Client to qualify for this card, and that normally requires an average daily balance of $250,000 in combined deposits and investments with Chase/JP Morgan.  As a member, you’ll have access to the Concierge Banking Program and fees for a host of banking services are waived. For example, among many other fee waivers, with this card there is no fee for making international wire transfers, writing cashier’s checks, making ATM withdrawals, or maintaining a safe deposit box.

In addition to access to your own private Chase Banker, you'll have access to your own JP Morgan Private Client Advisor. If you have big balances in your banking or investment accounts, having this type of personalized service is a great resource to have. 

In terms of loan benefits, as a cardmember you will also get your best mortgage rate under the Chase Private Client Mortgage Rate Purchase Program (based on your total deposits and investments with Chase), $750 discount on closing costs for loans, priority processing, senior underwriting support, and discounts for home equity loans. Although this card has no rewards, the banking benefits are extremely valuable, making this an excellent card to have and use in conjunction with a separate rewards card.

The Bottom Line
Elimination of many banking fees make this card valuable to have when banking with Chase, investing with JP Morgan, or traveling overseas.

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Q:  I don't believe this card exists. Can you link to Chase's site that shows information about this specific edition?
asked 1 years ago

A:  It does exist, it's basically a Sapphire Preferred but they waive the annual fee. Ask your Chase Private Client representative...
answered by Dan 1 years ago