Chase Slate® Credit Card

Chase Slate® Credit Card
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Card Features

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The Sign-Up Bonus

  • This card does not have a welcome offer šŸ™

Get These Perks

  •   Pay no annual fee on this card
  •   0.00% Intro APR for 15 months

Pros & Cons

  No annual fee
  Attractive balance transfer options
  No penalty APR (other pricing terms apply)
  Free monthly FICO credit score

  No rewards to be earned

  No sign-up bonus

What You'll PayMore fee details 

Annual Fee
No annual fee
Foreign Transaction Fees

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Written by Amy last month

Great card for those looking to consolidate balances and get back on track with their credit, with a free monthly FICO score.

Review of the Chase Slate® Credit Card

Although the Chase Slate® Credit Card doesnā€™t offer rewards or a sign-up bonus, it also doesnā€™t charge an annual fee or a fee for balance transfers within the first 60 days of opening your account.Ā  Then, once those balances are transferred, youā€™ll enjoy a 0% intro rate on purchases and transfers for 15 months ā€“ a longer intro period than most.Ā  These features make the Chase SlateĀ® card a great balance transfer card, as long as you transfer your balances over within the first 60 days. After that, youā€™ll pay 5% of the amount transferred, which can really hurt any savings youā€™re getting from making the transfer. Time it right, however, and you can transfer your higher interest rate balances over and pay them off (or at least down) before the 15 month introductory rate expires.Ā  Although its not exactly a Get-Out-of-Debt-Free card, its pretty darn close.

The Bottom Line
By offering introductory periods of no balance transfer fees and 0% interest, the no annual fee Chase SlateĀ® makes the grade as one of the best balance transfer cards.

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