Singapore Business Class Review [777-300ER SFO to SIN]
Updated 8 months ago by Dan

Amazing Service + Decent Seat = A Great Way to Cross the Pacific With Singapore Airlines, you can get from San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Newark (and soon Seattle) to Asia non stop on their 777 and/or A350 service. Since I almost always find the service on Singapore to be excellent, and the premium cabin… continue reading

Cathay Pacific Economy Review [777-300ER SIN to HKG]
Updated 8 months ago by Dan

Short But Sweet, Great Seat (for a 3-4-3 Configuration…) As I mentioned in my review of Lufthansa First Class, I needed a very last-minute way to get back to the states from Singapore, and that journey began with a short hop from Singapore to Hong Kong in Cathay economy. Yep, you read that right: economy…. continue reading

Lufthansa First Class Review [A380 from MUC to LAX]
Updated 4 months ago by Dan

23 Hours in a Very Good ā€” But Not Excellent ā€” First Class Way back in the day, before Lufthansa got rid of first class on the 747-400, I flew one of the best first class flights of my life from SEA to FRA. That was my second trip in first on Lufthansa, so I… continue reading

What Does a Negative Balance on Your Credit Card Mean?
Updated 9 months ago by Amy

Everything You Need to Know About a Negative Credit Card Balance Don’t panic ā€” there are a few reasons why your balance may show as negative, but at the end of the day, it’s most likely a good thing for you. Here’s why… [toc] How is My Credit Card Balance Calculated? A credit card balance… continue reading

47 Ways to Easily Meet Your Minimum Spend Requirements in 2019
Updated 10 months ago by Dan

Don’t be that friend who missed out on a sweet sign-up bonus! So, you’ve got your shiny new rewards credit cards and are anxiously awaiting some nice sign-up bonuses that you can use to book a sweet award ticket in first class to [insert awesome destination] where you’ll be staying at [insert 5-star hotel] while… continue reading

IndiGo A320 Seat Plus XL Review in 14 photos
Updated 10 months ago by Dan

So far itā€™s my favorite LCC in India! Based on some of the posts on this blog, you might think all we do is fly first and business class on longhaul flights all day, ignoring what goes on behind the curtain and what is obviously the largest air travel market by passenger volume: short haul… continue reading

LATAM Economy Review, 767-300
Updated 8 months ago by Dan

Nice way to hit the business class “reset button.” I will be the first to admit that I have a distinct preference for flying my long-haul flights in a premium cabin of some kind, even if it’s only premium economy, and even then I try to get upgraded. Given that I’m pretty good at managing/earning… continue reading

Air Canada Business Class Review [777-300ER PEK to YVR]
Updated 8 months ago by Dan

Back on AC, this time in busines class I went to University in Montreal, so I am no stranger to Air Canada. But back then, on a student’s budget and having yet to discover the amazing world of credit card rewards, international business class was theĀ last place you’d find me – more likely in the… continue reading

How to Fall Asleep on an Airplane
Updated 8 months ago by Amy

Planes are only getting more and more cramped, but fear not! Obviously, if you can swing it, the best way to sleep on a plane is to score a lie-flat bed. More and more airlines are offering first-class and business passengers lie-flat seats and spacious suites ā€” I mean, that’s why we’re all about the… continue reading

In-flight Review: Alaska Airlines New Premium Class (Premium Economy) 2019
Updated 8 months ago by Dan

Noticeably more legroom, early boarding, free cocktails; andā€¦?? A while back I wrote about the official introduction of Alaskaā€™s new premium economy offering called Premium Class. I detailed what that means for Alaska flyers in terms of upgrades etc. in that post, so I wonā€™t rehash that here, but I will share my thoughts on… continue reading

The Best Travel Rewards Credit Cards for 2019
Updated 10 months ago by Dan

These are the top picks from our team of points pros Not all rewards credit cards are one-size-fits-all, and indeed there is no one perfect card for the aspiring world traveler, but choosing one or more cards from our top 10 list will surely get you closer to your travel goals, whether it’s a first… continue reading

How to get the most out of your Amazon & Whole Foods purchases
Updated 10 months ago by Dan

Odds are you shop on Amazon… So, we thought we’d pull together a few tips on maximizing rewards and cash back while making purchases on the ecommerce beheomth, which seems to have just about everything you could ever imagine buying for sale… [toc] 1. Score Big Rewards with an Amazon Credit Card If you make… continue reading

JetBlue Mint Review – Living the Suite Life in 2018
Updated 9 months ago by Dan

Is this the best domestic first/business class?? The answer: like so many things, it depends. But, I’d say that 90% of the time yes, JetBlue Mint is the best domestic premium cabin travel value out there. Like its competitors, you get a lie-flat seat, priority boarding, and free food and beverage. Unlike most of JetBlue’s… continue reading

What Secured Credit Cards Can You Get with a Low Credit Score?
Updated 8 months ago by Dan

Secured Credit Cards Are a Great Option if You Have a Low Credit Score Of the credit card options out there designed for people with bad, limited, poor, or damaged, credit, secured credit cards are near the top of the list for many. Which card you get will depend on a number of factors, but… continue reading

How to Choose & Apply For a Credit Card with Bad or No Credit
Updated 9 months ago by Dan

Got Bad or Limited Credit? Here’s How to Choose the Right Card When it comes to credit cards, there’s no doubt that the higher your score, the more likely you are to be approved for a card, and it may seem like most cards out there are designed for people with excellent credit. You may… continue reading

What is Damaged Credit?
Updated 9 months ago by Dan

Low credit score? You may have what’s referred to as Damaged Credit There can be many reasons for having a low credit score, from too many hard inquiries, to bankruptcy, to simply just not having enough credit history. But what separates damaged credit from something like limited or low credit is the “why” behind the… continue reading

How to Maximize Your Rewards Even After the Intro APR and Sign-Up Bonus Is Over
Updated 10 months ago by Amy

Never. Stop. Earning. Points. So youā€™ve earned your sign-up bonus, enjoyed your introductory 0% interest rate, and had your annual fee waived the first year. Now what? The honeymoon phase with your new credit card doesnā€™t have to end after the first year. Read on to learn how to enjoy your card to the fullest,… continue reading

Best Travel Rewards Cards for Small Businesses
Updated 10 months ago by Amy

These are the top picks from our team of rewards pros Business cards can help you establish business credit, finance purchases to grow your business, earn rewards, and enjoy travel perks. But if your small business has modest spending and travel needs, you probably donā€™t want to pay a premium on a fancy travel card… continue reading

Best Cash Rewards Credit Cards for Small Businesses
Updated 10 months ago by Amy

Cash is King Cashback business cards can help you establish business credit, manage cash flow, finance purchases, and earn cash back to help grow your business. But if your monthly small business expenses are less than $1,500 a month, you probably donā€™t want to pay $450 for a premium card with high spending thresholds. Instead,… continue reading

When to Keep and When to Close a Credit Card
Updated 10 months ago by Amy

To close or not to close? Here’s what to consider If you havenā€™t used a credit card in a while and have transferred or paid off its balance, you may be tempted to close it. However, automatically closing it might not be a good idea because it could still be helping your credit score. [toc]… continue reading