Capital One Platinum Credit Card

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Card Features

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The Early Spend Bonus

  • This card does not have a sign-up bonus 🙁

Get These Perks

  •   Pay no annual fee on this card

Pros & Cons

  No annual fee
  No foreign transaction fees
  Travel benefits
  Shopping benefits

  High interest

  No rewards

  Few benefits

What You'll PayMore fee details 

Annual Fee
No annual fee
Foreign Transaction Fees

Credit Score Range

350 - 629
630 - 689
690 - 719
720 - 850 Review

Written by Amy 3 weeks ago

This high interest card is designed for people looking to improve their credit score without paying an annual fee.

Review of the Capital One Platinum Credit Card

The main advantage to the Capital One Platinum Credit Card is that it carries no annual fee and will allow you to improve your credit score.  Otherwise, the lack of a rewards structure and its high interest rate make this an unattractive option unless you are looking to transfer a balance from an even higher penalty APR on the other account.  Once your credit history improves, a good upgrade from this card would be the Capital One Quicksilver Rewards Credit Card.

The Bottom Line
If your credit is too low to qualify for a rewards card, this card would be an option to build-up your credit score and eventually upgrade to better card.

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